Consultation + Virtual Organizing + Coaching: $150

During social distancing and beyond, virtual organizing can be a great way to get organized and stay organized!


The cost covers our consultation, 1 hour virtual organizing session, research for organizational products + follow-up email, and weekly check-ins until your project is complete. You will be invoiced upon booking and payment is due before we start!


So, how do you get organized from afar?

  • We start by talking about your space. What do you want it to look like, how do you want it to function, etc? What is your personal containment style? We'll take a video/photo tour of your space and chat about how you'd like it to end up. We create a plan together.

  • You'll get an email with your list of how to prepare for our virtual session.

  • Using Zoom, we'll be able to see each other as I help you to edit your space to your liking. We'll work together to sort and organize your personal belongings.

  • After our online session, I'll send you a follow-up email detailing potential storage solutions/containment ideas.

  • Weekly check-ins continue until your project is complete, ensuring you have an accountability partner in your organization journey!

If you'd like to schedule a session to get started, click here!

Shannon Hermanson Professional Organizer

651. 353. 3320