"Resetting the Room"

In his book, Atomic Habits, author James Clear talks about a very lazy man who is actually very organized. The man "resets the room" once he's done using it. He claims to be be very lazy, and this is just his way of avoiding large amounts of tidying up all at once.

For example, when he's done watching TV, he puts the remote back on the stand, folds the blanket, and puts the pillows back in place. When he exits his car, he takes any garbage with him. When he's finished in the kitchen, he puts dishes in the dishwasher, wipes off the counters, and sweeps the floor.

Spending all day on a Saturday cleaning your house is daunting. Folding a blanket up, sweeping your kitchen, wiping off your bathroom mirror? Those tasks are easily accomplished, even if you literally only have a minute. Finding one small thing that you can check off your list, giving you a feeling of completion, and setting the tone for the day?

Easy peasy, lemon squeasy.

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