Marie Kondo: tidying up queen!

In the field of professional organizing, no one is more recognized than Marie Kondo:

She's the magical Japanese woman who makes tidying up seem effortless. (It isn't...but she makes us feel like it is!) You may have read her book, watched her series Tidying Up on Netflix, or just heard her name floating around. Her book is where I first learned about file folding your clothes!

File folding is a life-changing habit and it makes everything so neat and tidy! I'm linking you to a video of it here so you can see (in less than 3 minutes) how to fold your clothes so they fit neatly into your drawers!

Along with tidying up, Marie has taught us that it's okay to let things go. I had never thought about how much stuff I owned before Marie's book. I looked more into it after watching this TEDTalk about owning less. The same guys from that video are Becoming Minimalist, and they have a great article about owning fewer clothes.

I'm definitely not proposing that you get rid of everything you own and live like a hermit, eating squirrels and wearing the same clothes every day...though that would be fun:

Just remember that the more stuff you own, owns you. Less stuff, more happiness!

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