Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Let me (re)introduce to you: Simplify + Spruce, a professional business company based in the Twin Cities (Minnesota).

This company strives to do the best it can at helping folks declutter and organize their lives, mostly in their own homes, but offices as well!

Check out this list of what Simplify + Spruce does and does not do!

What Simplify + Spruce does:

-Works with you to help you sort, decipher what you need to keep and what you can let go of, organize things into a system that works for you, and give you the tools you need to maintain those systems.

-Shops for you when it’s too overwhelming for you to find items on your own. Or shops with you to help you find the best organizational items to help you maintain systems in your space!

-Takes donations to a few great local charities at the end of our sessions, so you don’t have to!

-Points you in the right direction when you’re looking to donate/give away your items to the best possible charity.

-Does research on what products would work best in your space and your budget. Sends you a curated list of links and ideas on said research.

-Collects extra cardboard/recycling and trash produced by our session, and takes it with once we’re done to give you one less thing to worry about.

-Helps you figure out the why behind the stuff you cannot bring yourself to get rid of. Most folks don’t necessarily keep things just to keep them; there is usually a deeper reason

-Goes on the journey with you of decluttering after a loved one dies. It’s not just their stuff that you’re going’s memories. It’s a lifetime of your person that you have to sift through. It will not be easy. However, it’s much more simple to manage if you have someone else walking alongside you.

-Faces the challenge of any messy room with gusto. Mess is the best and a challenge is what keeps us going. There hasn’t been a clutter space that hasn’t turned into an organized haven yet.

-Gets to know you on a deeper level than just “your stuff”. While your personal items may be a reflection of who you are, they are not you. Learning where you grew up, what your family was like, what your personal and professional background is, what your hobbies are, what your sense of humor is like? Now, that’s you.

-Checks in on you later. Making sure that the systems put in place are still working and you’re happy with the end results is the objective. Let’s make sure you’re fully satisfied!

What Simplify + Spruce does not do:

-Tells you to get rid of the things you truly cherish. That doesn’t happen. You are the final vote.

-Scrub your toilets, clean your windows, or vacuum your stairs. Generally, shelves get wiped down, floors are swept and vacuumed, but it’s just the areas we’re working on...not the whole house.

-Intuitively know what you need to keep or donate; you are the only one who makes the ultimate decision. This is why it’s best for us to work on a space together!

-Be everything to everyone. Helping you find the best containment for your pantry? Absolutely! Knowing exactly how to organize your photos, scan them, make photo books for you? Not exactly a specialty around here. Knowing all of the best places to donate to?’s a work in progress...more on that in a later blog post.

-Give you a lecture on having less stuff or how great it is to be a minimalist. Sure, there are great qualities of minimalism...but it’s not feasible for everyone.

-Use language like “purge” or “binge”. Listen, you might have people in your life who have a lot of issues surrounding food. You might know them, but you might not know they struggle with it. It can be triggering for many to hear the word “purge” in reference to decluttering and donating. “Purge” will not be used in any sessions. “Binge”, typically referred to with reference to Netflix, will also not be used, for the same reasons. Alternatives to these words will be: “declutter”, “donate”, “give away”, “let go”, “edit”, “marathon”, “watching spree”, or “Netflix Retreat”.

-Judge you for the stuff you own and/or how much stuff you own. Everyone single person you meet will live a different life than you. Everyone’s journey is different than your own. Simplify + Spruce is just here to help you sort through your items in a way that makes you feel calmer, more clear-headed, and more organized in the end. No judgement.

Stumbling upon Simplify + Spruce is the first step in your journey toward a less-cluttered and more organized home. Let’s work together to make sure that your space can be neat, tidy, and a sanctuary for you!

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