I've always loved organizing. I have vivid flashback from my childhood of a babysitter asking me what I wanted to play; "I know what I want to do", I said, eagerly taking out my box of Lisa Frank beads. I dumped them all on the floor, mixed them all together and then we sorted and organized them. I'm sure my babysitter was thrilled

​I want to make calm and tidy spaces for my clients. When your space is in chaos, then your life is often also in chaos. Often times it's too overwhelming to find a place to start and so the clutter and disorganization just builds until you can't take it any longer. You close the door to that room and think, "I'll tackle that project later." (or "I'll tackle that project never!")


It can be so helpful to have an outsider come in and partner with you to sort and organize your space. An unbiased eye is usually what it takes to whip your rooms into the neat and organized spaces you've always imagined they could be!

I started Simplify + Spruce because I love to organize and help other people. I adore the feeling of looking at a completed job and knowing that it was hard work to get it there....but it's done and organized and calm. Revamping formerly messy spaces into beautiful and functional spaces that make it easy for you to stay organized makes me so happy!

I provide quality work and I stand behind my services completely. If you are not satisfied, then neither am I! My intentions are to listen to you, sort and organize, implement systems that are both pleasing to the eye and practical. I never want to leave a client feeling like they were not heard and now have a space they can't use. 

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